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Tips for choosing the right bra

Tips for choosing the right bra
Tips for choosing the right bra

20 / 02 / 2023

Choosing a bra is more than just style

The right bra is just a boutique away, especially when you're a woman into shopping for designer lingerie.

When you are looking for the perfect hold and fit, there are some tips to keep in mind. Without this fit, not only does it not provide the right support, but it is going to be uncomfortable. Some women might not even know how to choose the right bra for themselves, and that is understandable.

It can be frustrating to get the perfect fit, because let's face it, what does perfect mean, anyway? Here are some expert tips and advice that can help you get the best fit for your customer, because let's face it, as women, we want one less thing to worry about.

Try out different sizes

Bra shopping is not a one-size-fits-all approach, especially for those that use different bra brands, materials, and types.

You might not be the same size in all the bras you try on, so don't get stuck on one size and one shape.

Experiment until you find what works for you, and be ready for this to change again in 6 to 12 months’ time!


Be aware of fitting concerns

There are several fitting considerations to be aware of when choosing bras.

When the cups gape, it is too big; If your breast spill over, then it maybe too small.

The straps should sit comfortably on the shoulders, should not dig into the shoulders nor fall down from the shoulders. Underwire is also tricky because it should sit evenly against the skin and not dig into it.

The middle of the bra between the cups should sit flat and comfortably.


The middle of the bra is important too

It is important to think about the middle of the bra.

Please make sure it sits comfortably on the middle of the sternum, and relatively flat against the chest.

It should not dig into the area; it should consist of sufficient fabric to hold the cups together, and it shouldn't seem to dangle off you.


Consider the type of bra

Every body's style is different, which means that every breast is different.

While the contour cup might be something that fits the girls in vogue magazines, it might be something that doesn't fit you very well.

Consider your body and breast shape and size, and then consider trying on a series of different types of bra shapes until you find what works for you.


T-Shirt Bras are great but...

T-Shirt bras are a great choice to go with when it comes to wearing something and being able to slip on a shirt without having to see the lines that come from the bra under it.

However, it is important to note that it might not be the bra for everyone.

It is a cute bra, but it is not necessarily the best bra when it comes down to choosing the best one to wear.

Take the time to learn more about bra fittings and even reach out to a professional that can provide the perfect fit on your chest, so you can feel more confident wearing the bra of your choice.

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