Caring for your garments

We have developed this guide to help make your beautiful pieces last as long as possible – minimal fuss, time, and effort required!

In the first instance, you should always read the instructions on the label. You can follow the tips below unless the label states otherwise.


Lingerie and nightwear

  • Wash only when needed. You can wear a bra more than once!

  • Wash by hand.

  • Use cool water (max 30°C) and a mild detergent designed for delicates. We recommend using SOAK.  SOAK is a rinse-free product that we stock and is perfect for even the most delicate lace pattern.

  • Let garments soak for a maximum of 15 minutes. 


  • Avoid wearing swimwear you want to make last in the sauna or jacuzzi

  • Avoid excessive contact with chlorine and sunscreen.

  • Rinse swimwear after each use with clean water at the recommended temperature (usually up to 30°C) using a mild liquid detergent.

    All garments

    • Allow washed garments to dry lying flat.
    • Put garments away only when completely dry – no ironing!

    Machine wash

    If you want to keep your lingerie, nightwear and swimwear in tip top condition for as long as possible, we suggest you keep it well away from your washing machine! The vigorous motion of a machine can ruin a bra’s wires; detergent can damage the elastic, stretch the band, and cause misshapen cups.

    • If you want to use your washing machine regardless, we have the following tips for you:

    • Always use a sealable lingerie washing bag.

    • Fill the drum up to no more than a third of its capacity, and only mix with other small items.

    • Put the washing machine on a low-speed cycle. E.g. 30°C or a ‘delicate wash’.

    • Use a mild detergent.

    The super speedy no-fuss washing hack

    • Use this technique when you are in a rush and only need to wash a few items – take them with you in the shower! (Not whilst still wearing them, of course).

    • Rinse your items with lukewarm water and wash them with baby shampoo, which is soft, gentle and smells wonderful. Spread the soap to all sections of the bra and/or briefs. Baby shampoo froths up quickly and the foam will spread easily. Use your fingers to gently rub your items to get them clean. Rinse until all the bubbles are gone and leave to dry. All done!

    Some ultimate no-no's  

    • Never use bleach, fabric softener, or wool wash detergent. 

    • Never wring, rub, or tumble-dry. 

    • Never put garments on a heat source such as a radiator.

    Happy washing!