Appointments and advice

Every time you connect with us, we would like you to feel uplifted in every way, so as well as offering Bra Fittings in our boutique in Dartmouth, we are equally happy to provide advice via our website, over a video or whatsapp call, or by ‘phone, email or SMS.

Our team are experienced in giving fitting and styling advice, and we can help you find the best fit for you via whichever of these means of communication we are using.


We would be delighted to welcome you to our boutique in Dartmouth, Devon; a town full of beautiful independent boutiques, restaurants, galleries, hotels and holiday homes. Why not come and stay for a long weekend or a family holiday sometime?

If you do and you would like a fitting, you can book an appointment here, or call on 01803 833 070, or send an email to

Browse our online store beforehand if you prefer,, and let us know what you like, your approximate size, and your style preference if you have one.


If you prefer to stay at home, we’ll visit you by video call and, using the bra in which you are most comfortable and/or love most, we’ll guide you through fit, shape and size of various options to help you find your best fit.

To book a virtual fitting, click here, or call on 01803 833 070, or send an email to