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What are the benefits of buying silk underwear?

What are the benefits of buying silk underwear?
What are the benefits of buying silk underwear?

14 / 05 / 2024

Silk, both in clothing and as silk lingerie, has been known throughout its long history as a material of decadence, opulence, and luxury. But is this the only benefit of silk? Below, we dive into the plethora of benefits this marvellous material offers and explore the many good reasons why silk has been such a sought-after fabric for millennia.

What is silk?

Silk is a buttery soft material produced from the cocoons of silkworms. This tough and lustrous fabric remains the strongest fabric ever created through natural processes. Discovered 5000 years ago by Princess Xi Lingshi, legend tells that she discovered a cocoon could be unravelled to produce a thread when one dropped in her tea as she sat beneath a mulberry tree. Its silky smoothness transformed cultures, becoming a revered export through the Old World.

Is silk the same as satin?

The simple answer is, no! While the terms silk and satin are often used interchangeably, they are in fact completely different. Silk is the fibre itself - or what your garment is made up of. That means that it is the material spun from the cocoon of the silkworm. It comes in different forms - lightweight chiffon, or heavyweight dupion, for example - because it can be spun into very different textures.

Satin meanwhile is the name of a weave. Satin can even be made from silk - but it can also be made up from other materials such as polyester. Satin is a textile that is smooth and soft to the touch, whatever its material blend.

What are the Benefits of silk lingerie?

There are many benefits of buying silk, whether for women's silk underwear or men's silk underwear. There are only a handful of drawbacks - the main one being that silk is an expensive material, and the second being that it does require a slight degree of care to maintain. The benefits, however, are many. Let’s dive in.

Silk is a natural material

Although it is made by boiling the cocoons of the silkworm (and so it is worth remembering that, unless you find AHIMSA silk, it is not vegan-friendly), silk is an all-natural material. No micro-plastics will be released in its production.

So, Is silk underwear better than cotton?

Despite everything you might’ve heard about the wonders of cotton, yes it is! Although cotton is a natural fibre too (so it has many benefits), silk as a material is much better at wicking moisture away from the skin. We’re often advised to wear cotton in the summer, but science suggests that silk will keep you much more comfortable.

Silk offers Thermoregulation

This lightweight fabric is a miracle worker. Although it has these amazing moisture-wicking properties, and it can be so thin and lightweight - making it the perfect choice for hot and muggy summers. As well as the aforementioned wicking powers and breathability, silk’s natural thermoregulatory properties make it a great material to choose to wear right next to your skin.  it is also an ideal base layer for keeping you warm through the winter, as it provides excellent insulation. 

Silk keeps warm air close to your skin, whilst maintaining that breathability and so ensuring you avoid overheating. Layering up silk with other natural fibres doubles down on the insulation properties - think a cashmere jumper on top of a silk cami, or a silk dressing gown over your lingerie.

Silk doesn’t irritate skin

Many struggle with sensitive skin and silk can come as a blessing for those irritated by synthetic materials, and the fall-out from them. Avoid itchiness, redness, and general irritation with silk - its fine fibres being incredibly soft to the touch. Hypo-allergenic, it is considerably less likely to cause you any allergic reactions than synthetic fibres, and its moisture-wicking breathability again ensures a healthier skin barrier by not encouraging any bacterial or fungal growth to grow there.

Bias-cut silk, using only the fabric itself to create a good fit, can be a brilliant place to start for truly irritated skin. For better performance, look through lingerie collections featuring elastane, underwiring, and even other materials. This babydoll from the Lise Charmel Splendeur Soie collection, for example, offers the insulative properties of silk as well as a seductive look. As well as being worn alone, it would look great underneath a well-cut loose white shirt. Check out the matching bra and underwear from the collection here.

Silk is anti-static

That crackle when we pull an outfit on or off is never welcome! Silk slips are a great way to avoid this - as well as offering a comfortable, warm base layer, and masking that VPL line between underwear and tights. Sometimes seen as a retro dressing tip, we think it’s high time the slip made its way back into fashion! Take a look at these Aubade slips if you need any persuasion; silk slips are seductive, practical, and here to stay!

Silk is Durable

When properly looked after, silk is a durable and long-lasting material. Although it can be ruined by washing too hot, tumble drying, and contact with lotions and perfumes, it can also last well for a long time when cared for. Handwashing will always preserve silk for longer.

How to handwash silk underwear:

  • Fill a sink with cool to tepid water, with a handwash soap. 
  • Submerge your silk undergarments.
  • Gently rub areas that need any attention.
  • Rinse in clean cool to tepid water.
  • Press in a dry clean towel to remove excess water.
  • Hang to air dry.

It’s a beautiful material

In whatever design you choose, silk has a beauty all its own. That subtle shimmer adds a lustre and glow which is bound to make you feel the best you can in the skin you’re in. Although the butter-softness and elegant designs of silk underwear mean that it’s crying out for an outing on special occasions and for romantic moments, we firmly believe in feeling your best every single day. There’s no boost for a miserable rainy Monday like knowing that beneath your everyday clothes, you’re wearing the most beautiful, comfortable silky underwear next to your skin.

Silk is healthy

Because it’s naturally breathable, silk helps you to keep healthy. Although silk is a glamorous option, it’s also so practical in this way. The natural breathability of silk wicks moisture away from the skin’s surface and allows air to circulate and evaporate. Since yeast thrives in moisture and heat, it’s a great choice to keep all of these health issues at bay. As a material that is also hypoallergenic and anti-fungal, silk is the perfect material choice for undergarments - both for function and for frivolity and fanciness!

We have laid out all the benefits of opting for silk underwear - but there doesn’t always have to be a reason. If you want to treat yourself, do it today - you’re worth every penny.