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How Resortwear Can Be Styled To Both Day And Night

How Resortwear Can Be Styled To Both Day And Night
How Resortwear Can Be Styled To Both Day And Night

21 / 07 / 2023

Choosing Adaptable Clothes & Resortwear

This is rule number one of efficient packing. Instead of laying out seven days’ worth of outfits on your bed for a week’s holiday, and trying to pack them all, you need to focus down. 

Choose statement pieces that you can style in various ways. A loose resortwear shirt might go with both your shorts and a pair of smart trousers for evening, for example, as well as working as a poolside cover-up. 

If you can choose beachwear that functions as a part of other outfits, you’re minimising that packing load! Choose statement pieces that you can style in various ways. You want to choose pieces that you feel totally confident in; ones whose versatility and comfort are not in question. No one wants to worry, thinking ‘does this look like a swimsuit?’ about their evening wear, so choose wisely. The high-quality Juste Moi brands in general are a great call in this regard,  because they never compromise on quality and support. 

Here are three great examples of adaptable resortwear:

The Pain du Sucre Gatto swimsuit

A stylish swimming costume like the Pain de Sucre Gatto is bold and playful paired with Pain de Sucre’s loose, easy-to-pack plain blue Ocean trousers, just as fitting for dinner as it is for lounging poolside. This whole Gatto collection combined with the Ocean blue items is amazing for several holiday days and evenings. The crossbacks of so many swimsuits lend themselves to evening-wear in hot climates, alongside super little cap-sleeved tops; stunning, completely creaseless skirts and trousers and a gorgeous ‘kimono’ gown. This really is a superb collection of holiday day to nightwear.

 Maryan Mehlhorn Perceptions Range

The whole Perceptions collection epitomises summer luxury, with each piece so versatile for use as daywear. Of course they’re perfect all day poolside, or on the beach! But imagine the rich green & gold print of the Perceptions Kaftan Dress which warrants pride of place in its first wearing at a first night dinner!

The Roidal Noa Shirt

This Roidal Noa Shirt, meanwhile, is a brilliant poolside cover-up. But it is also perfect as an easy to wear evening piece. No one would think this was a piece of resortwear, as it works so effortlessly in a more formal setting. It’s an ideal piece, adding interest to plain black trousers and a tank top, or over a long black dress such as this one from Pain de Sucre Noir Zaelie Black Long Dress. Alternatively it would be perfectly paired with the Lise Charmel Ajourage Couture Black Dress

As well as resortwear, you need to make the rest of your luggage work that bit harder to lighten your luggage load.

That sparkly evening top, for example.  Could it match with your skirt and your smart trousers as evening wear, and also work with jeans and shorts as a more playful daytime look? 

Make a rule that every piece has to work in conjunction with at least two others - and then count your outfits. 

For example:

  • a floaty skirt
  • an elegant long dress
  • a pair of shorts
  • a pair of smart trousers
  • a pair of jeans
  • a loose resortwear shirt
  • sparkly evening top
  • a swimming costume
  • a t-shirt

The shorts go with the resortwear shirt (think something like this eye-catching Melania Estefani Shirt), the swimming costume (this Emerald Oceanus Miraclesuit is a great choice; a shaping swimsuit that is brilliantly luxe and also so adaptable) and the tshirt. That’s three looks. 

The smart trousers go with the shirt, the swimsuit and the sparkly top. That’s three looks. 

The pair of jeans goes with the sparkly top, the swimsuit and the t-shirt. That’s another three looks. 

Suddenly you’ve got nine holiday looks, from only seven items of clothing. This is the best way to truly minimise the amount you need to pack!

 How to pack a suitcase

Seems a no-brainer - fold your clothes neatly and lay them in, right? Wrong! You will find your suitcase suddenly has a massive amount more capacity if you use this little-known trick - to neatly roll your clothing instead of folding. 

Some people worry that your clothes will come out wrinkled. But if done correctly, the inverse is true - rolling is a great way to banish creases.

Check out this video for the best guidance on the rolling technique.

Just beware - being able to fit more in might prompt you to overpack. Remember, packing more will make for a heavier suitcase, so make sure to weigh before you go if your method of travel - such as flying - has weight limits!

Pack for a week

..if you’re going for a week or longer! Obviously a long weekend necessitates even lighter packing. But the point remains - whether you’re going away for a week or two months, you basically need the same amount of clothing. Seven days' worth of clothing is plenty and should offer lots of variety. Then if you’re staying on beyond seven days, all you need to do is pack a little washing liquid - handwash if you don’t have a washing machine. 

Slim down those toiletries, and minimise liquids

Even if you’re taking hold luggage, consider opting for minis of all your favourite products. That doesn’t mean you have to invest in them all again, and end up with lots of wasted plastics - just keep in mind your future travels over the month before you go, and wash and keep any containers that might be useful, from single-use jam jars to little plastic Tupperware. Investing in a set of mini reusable bottles for shampoo and sunscreen can be handy. When you’re investing in your favourite perfume or face creams, make sure to ask if they might have any samples - a mini perfume spritzer and a couple of face cream sachets may be all you need instead of bringing your full-size versions. 

If you’re trying to fly with cabin luggage only, that little plastic bag for all your liquids can be a bit daunting. Try to opt for solid versions of your liquids in this case (choose soap instead of shower gel, and a hard shampoo bar instead of liquid shampoo) so that they don’t compromise your plastic bag space. If you’re travelling with a companion, make sure to work together - you only need one soap, one shampoo, and one toothpaste. If in doubt, remember that there are very few things you’re unlikely to be able to find abroad - so you can buy your suncream and wash there if needs must!

Whether you’re heading to friends for a weekend away or investing in the holiday of a lifetime, getting that packing done stress-free is a great way to start. Browse the Juste Moi swimwear collection to get those holiday dreams flowing!