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The best swimwear for plus size women

The best swimwear for plus size women
The best swimwear for plus size women

16 / 03 / 2023

Swimwear is one of the sexiest things a person can wear.

Curve-hugging lycra, pretty prints, colours and enticing little cutouts - a swimsuit has it all. 

That being said, there's no hiding in a swimsuit: it's bold, blatant and so out there!

With all one's curves on display and few folds of clothing to hide behind, it makes it all the more important for every single person to choose a piece that flatters and suits their body type.

How to select the best swimwear for Plus Size women

Finding the best swimwear for plus sized women can be hard. It shouldn't be, though.  

Skinny, rounded or curvaceous, every body type has a swimsuit soulmate!

And once you find yours, there's no stopping you from looking like an absolute bombshell! With bikini season upon us and the wide range of swimwear out there, picking out a piece can seem slightly daunting.

Let's decode the various kinds of swimsuits there are for women:


A monokini, sometimes called a unikini, is really a topless bikini, with extremely skimpy bottoms. With no room to hide, a monokini bares all and is the boldest of bikini styles there is.

One piece

A single piece covering the chest, torso, and bottom, the one piece can nevertheless look very sexy. With cutouts and curvy designs galore, the one piece flatters most body types.

Bandeau Bikini

bandeau bikini, or a bandini, features a bandeau top with no straps, paired with bikini bottoms. Rock this if you have arms you want to show off!

String Bikini

Ah, the good ol' string bikini. Three large triangles of fabric held together by string, the string bikini is one of the skimpiest and the sexiest styles of bikinis.

Boy Shorts

Foregoing regular bikini bottoms for boy shorts, this swimsuit hides chubby hips, thighs and gives a seamless, streamlined appearance.

Skirt-Style Bikini

A more feminine version of the boy shorts, skirt-style bikinis and swimsuits often feature a short skirt or ruffles attached on top of the shorts/briefs or bottom of the swimsuit. Adding a dash of flounce and femininity, skirt-style bikinis are great for keeping your hips hidden, while you show off those tanned legs and pretty arms.


Combining a burka and a bikini, a burkini is the perfect option for women who choose to cover up due to religious or other considerations. More like a wetsuit, a burkini can also be worn while you go surfing.


A tankini is really a tank-top with bikini bottoms. Perfect for camouflaging a little extra flesh on the belly, tankinis are the more demure version of a bikini.

We've put together some cool tips to help you pick the best swimwear for plus size. Plus sized bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and there's a bikini and a swimsuit for every type and every size, with cup-sized pieces an absolute must for many. 

Read on to find yours! 

The best swimwear for plus size can make everyone - lean or curvy, look great!

If you're top heavy...

Pick a bikini top with thick, supportive straps.

Extra padding works brilliantly to enhance your bust line and make it appear more streamlined, and of course a cup-sized piece is going to fit much more snugly.

Skimpier bikini types like the triangle bikini don't work so well on bustier women. But if that's your thing, rock it!

Try and make sure your top has an underwire, moulding and strong bust support. It's important to be comfy while you frolic on the beach.

Bandeau tops do a great job of compressing the chest and making sure there are no nip-slips. Pick one in a dark, solid colour and pair it with colourful, printed bottoms!

If you're heavier on the bottom...

To narrow out the hips and elongate the legs, opt for higher coverage bottoms, like boy shorts or even a skirt style! Dark colours work best, but pop colours look great too!

For tops, you can play around with most styles. Floral or ruffled bikini tops do a great job of adding some curves up top and making your body appear more proportionate. For a fancy touch, add some statement beaded neckpieces! They draw attention away from the bottom half and show off your best assets.

If you carry a little weight on the tummy...

For those who'd like to camouflage tummy fat or are just a little more modest, tankinis can look great!

A pretty, mono-hued tank-top paired with boy shorts or bikini bottoms, do a great job of providing coverage, and upping your cool quotient! OR swimsuits with layers of lycra to make you look 10lbs lighter – it’s true, they can!

Play around with prints, colours, and accessories: busy prints are great for hiding flab! Accessorise like the diva you are, and rock the beach look!

If you're tall and muscular...

If you'd like to add some curves, pick a one-piece with sexy cutouts! Adding oomph and sex appeal to your style, one-pieces look great on tall, athletic bodies!

Looking to shake things up a bit? Try a bandini! Muscular body types aren't generally encouraged to rock bandinis, but they can look great! 

Bandinis do a great job of cinching and accentuating the waist, adding curves and instant glam!  

If you're on the shorter side...

You look great in most styles! Bikini, tankini, boy shorts or one-piece: the world is your oyster!

Feel free to experiment with styles, prints, and colours.

Try unique styles like a one-shouldered bikini top, crisscrossed bondage bikinis, or even a basic one-piece. Old school monotone one-pieces are back and can look stunning on your body type.

Pick an offbeat colour to up the trend factor.

For a more elongated appearance, pick bottoms that are cut high on the hip.

High-cut string bikinis, in particular, can make one's legs look much longer.

One-piece styles look great on shorter women too!

Go for vertical stripes and florals, to look tall and slim.

Prints on the smaller side work best!

If you're not a big fan of your arms...

Enjoying a bikini can be such an ordeal if you'd rather not bare your arms! But there's no need to worry. Just because your arms aren't as toned as you'd like them to be doesn't mean you have to hide behind full-sleeved and burkini styles.

Racerback and high neck styles look great, and take the focus off your arms!

You can also go in for a deep V-neckline with a halter top, and high-cut bottoms.

For a cleaner look, pick a simple sleeveless one-piece with an interesting pattern.

Try to steer clear of ultra-thin straps, stringy styles and bandinis.

These styles draw the eye to one's arms. 

There's no dearth of beautiful plus-sized swimwear out there.

All you need to do is follow these tips to find the best swimwear for plus size.

These hacks and tips for different body styles work really well in helping you to pick out the best swimwear for plus size.

But the most important thing is to love what you wear, and feel the way you want!

Don't forget to update your swimwear this summer!

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