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The 10 Best Beachwear Trends You Will See in 2017

The 10 Best Beachwear Trends You Will See in 2017
The 10 Best Beachwear Trends You Will See in 2017

19 / 10 / 2021

Fashion trends are changing and evolving with every season.
Unless you are a dedicated fashion enthusiast, it can be hard to keep up with what the hot celebrities and models are wearing.

Beachwear is no exception.
Every summer we see new designs and new trends which are often inspired by the catwalk.

What are the best beachwear trends of 2017? We have done the hard work for you.

Read on to discover the 10 best beachwear trends of 2017:

1. Flower Power

Florals are always on trend.
This year look for designs with a bohemian twist.

This means interesting patterns and natural colour schemes.
You can choose an outfit which is covered entirely in flowers or one that features them as a much smaller statement.
Vintage fashion has been revived in recent times. For this look try a rose or sunflower print in a cute 60's cut. 

2. Cut it Out

One trend straight from the runway is swimwear with pieces cut out.
This could be a one piece with the sides removed or a bikini with smaller sections missing.
This effect creates interest and lets you mix up some of those basic colour choices such as black or white,
or the season’s hot fashion colour, khaki.
Be prepared to show some skin, as this will be the look of the season!


3. Colour the Rainbow

While you can never go wrong with black, some days you just feel like something a little brighter.
Colour represents summer and will make you look and feel good.
If you are feeling confident you can go bright with a shade that pops, such as orange or pink.

You can even go multi-colour if you find something you love,
or ease your way in with a basic black style with added splashes of the rainbow.
If you want to experiment with colour but still want that darker feel, opt for navy.
Navy is one of the most popular shades in fashion right now and is flattering for most skin tones. 


4. Eye of the Tiger

Nothing says glamour quite like an animal print.
Whether it’s a holiday spent by the pool with a good book or an active beach holiday,
good animal prints look exotic, luxurious and expensive!

There are different ways to get this beachwear look.
Think about a 
jungle theme in a brown animal print design to show off your summer tan.
A black and white animal print such as zebra works well on one or two pieces.
Or, you can try an ocean theme in shades of beautiful blue to complement your summer beach days.
For those who want to hide their stomach, these erratic patterns on a one piece will help you to 
disguise this problem area.


5. Get Strappy

One of the best beachwear trends for 2017 is straps.
We aren't referring to traditional straps but thin spaghetti style straps or removable bandeau straps for an even tan.

These could be on a one piece or a bikini.
Depending on the design you might get that corset look or an added detail to a plunging neckline.
Swimwear brands are even using these thin straps on the sides of bikini bottoms as a way to tie them up.
There are so many ways this trend is being used, and you will definitely make a cute talking point when you get strappy!


6. Bare It

Think about your best feature. If it is your shoulders, you will be pleased to know the off the shoulder bikini top is in for 2017.
To mix it up you can even try a one-shoulder style.
If your shoulders aren't your thing and you prefer to show off your long lean legs, go for bottoms which are high cut. 

Do you want to show off the silky-smooth skin on your back?
If the answer is yes, look for a one piece which is higher at the front and lower at the back.
What makes this one of the best beachwear trends is the fact that it is all about making you look fabulous!


7. Cover Girl

We bet you never thought the rashie vest would be in fashion. But it is. Right now.
Which is a good thing when we need to be cautious about sun safety.

The best way to wear it is in a one piece with sleeves.
These can either be long or short. Additionally, we are seeing traditional beachwear with long sleeves and higher waists.

Cover-ups have become a fashion statement.
Finally, we are seeing skirts and tunics being as pretty as the swimwear they are hiding underneath. 

This trend is also about showing off the parts of your body you like and hiding the bits you don't.
A long-sleeved bikini or top which hides your arms and shows off your belly is just one example.
Pair with a wide brimmed hat and 
oversized sunglasses. With a look like this, you will be ready to hit the sand or the pool.


8. Halter Style

Different cuts suit different bodies but the halter neck is generally flattering for most body types.
This is a style which is always in fashion and paired with a supportive fit it can accentuate your womanly curves.

The low cut one piece halter has been spotted on the catwalks, and when we say low cut we mean cut all the way down to your belly button. This is high fashion beachwear which can be adapted to meet your 
personal style.


9. Print Me

Prints are not just limited to florals and animal prints.
There are a huge number of different designs to choose from.

This season, look for nautical stripes and spots.
Tie dye creates an interesting effect - look for shades of orange to give you that sunset feel. 
Simple, cute prints have recently made a comeback.

Think about fun beachwear covered in donuts, or popular cartoon character designs. 
Prints will make you smile and put the fun back into your beachwear, and are particularly well-suited to Men’s swim-shorts.


10. Lacy Days

Lace does not have to be stuck in the bedroom. Bring it into the daylight and make it part of your beachwear outfit.
Lace is pretty and feminine and can add a touch of luxury to any piece.
We are not suggesting you go full lace, this is not about wearing your lingerie to the beach.
It is about those little touches of lace which can turn a sporty number into a more feminine one.
The most important thing to remember when choosing swimwear is to make sure you feel great in what you’re wearing.
Discovering the best beachwear trends is a starting point, now it’s up to you to be creative and choose your own style.


Happy summer! by Juste Moi