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Over 50 and thriving: 5 helpful tips for choosi...

Over 50 and thriving: 5 helpful tips for choosing the best bra for support
Over 50 and thriving: 5 helpful tips for choosing the best bra for support

16 / 03 / 2023

80% of British women are wearing the wrong bra size. And it's not just a problem with young women either.

You'd be surprised to find out that many older women also don't have the right fit. Some may have been fitted decades ago and stuck to the same size, despite their bodies changing over the years. Or they guessed at their size and never changed it.

So, if you're in your 50s (or older), it's still entirely possible you're not wearing the right bra size and fit.

Do you need help finding the best bra for support?
Then read on. We'll give you 5 helpful tips!

1. Pick bras with comfortable underwire and seams

As a younger woman, you may have been told that you need to wear bras with underwire to fight the effects of gravity and time. Now that you're older, that advice still holds true, especially so since your breasts have most likely gone through some changes.

However, this doesn't mean you must purchase bras that have painful underwire jabbing you all over the place. Take the time to choose bras that are comfortable against your body and keep your breast tissue in the front and centre of the bra.

2. Wear a Sports Bra for exercise 

No matter how big (or small) your breasts, you'll need a proper sports bra to give them the best support. Yes, wearing a bra during activities like jogging will be better than no bra at all, but normal bras won't provide adequate support.

When you exercise, the ligaments in your breasts get stretched out, which can contribute to sagging. A regular bra can lessen the stretching, but only a sports bra can genuinely keep the impact to a minimum.

While you might see mostly young women wearing sports bras, you should still be wearing them, even in your 50s and beyond. If you feel self-conscious about your body, you can always put on a tank top or t-shirt over it.

3. Buy for Your Breast Shape 

Not everybody is created the same, which is what makes us all beautiful in our own ways. So, whether you're young or older, you need to make sure you're buying the right bras to suit your breast shape.

For example, if you have much larger breasts, then you should consider a full cup bra for the best support possible. 

Or if you have smaller breasts, then a push-up bra may give you support as well as extra volume. You can also consider a half-cup (also known as demi cup or balconette) to get the most lift possible for your breasts.

Or if your breasts naturally have more volume at the bottom and less at the top, you might want to consider a balcony bra. This type of bra has a shallower wire and medium breast coverage, but will still give you excellent coverage, with a little more seductive appeal thrown in.

4. Make sure you're wearing your bras right

Surely, after decades of wearing bras, you haven't been doing it wrong this entire time? You'd be surprised!

At first glance, a bra looks deceptively easy to put on. Just slip your arms through, hook the back on, and go, right?

But it takes a bit more effort to ensure you're wearing your bras right.

Once you get your bra on, lean forward, and reach into each cup. 

Pull from the outside (near your armpit) to the inside (your sternum). This ensures that your breasts fill the cups correctly.

Then, check your straps. If they're too loose, they may be slipping off your shoulders. You can also tug at the base of the strap to see if your breasts look better when you do that.

In either case, you'll need to tighten your straps to get the right fit and comfort.

Make sure the back fits snugly. The under band is one of the most supportive parts of a bra, but must fit correctly to do its job well.

5. Pick something that makes you feel beautiful

You might be thinking: isn't lingerie just for younger women? Well, you'd be wrong in this case! Beautifully designed bras are meant for women of all ages and sizes. We all deserve to look great and feel confident about our bodies. And we can with well-fitting, well-made lingerie.

In fact, 59% of women over 50 years old say they've become more and more confident as they age. What better way to exude this confidence than to wear a bra that's just the right amount of sexy?

And you don't have to wear it for a partner either. Truthfully, you should be wearing lingerie for yourself, not for someone else. When you can start the day by wearing a bra that makes you feel wonderful, there’s a good chance you’ll stay that way all day.

Get the best bra for support, so you're comfortable

As you can see, if you're over 50 years old, that doesn't mean you can't wear lingerie that's sexy and comfortable. By using our tips on buying the best bra for support, you'll be able to find plenty of new bras to fill your wardrobe.

So, say goodbye to the one with the jabbing underwire or the one with scratchy lace. And yes, even the one that's just a tad too tight. Once you replace your underwear drawer with some new bras, your body will thank you for the change!

Are you ready to pick out some new bras that not only fit well but also inspire confidence?

Then take a look at our selection now.