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Latest trends in designer swimwear can be found...

Latest trends in designer swimwear can be found at
Latest trends in designer swimwear can be found at

16 / 03 / 2023

For many who are excited about the upcoming Winter Sun Swimwear Season and trips to more exotic climes, a huge part of that excitement is often centred around wardrobe and the excuse - or the necessity - for new swimwear.

However, it is not always available once the 'traditional' British Summer holiday is over, but at Juste Moi, you will be pleased to hear there is plenty of choice. Here, therefore is a comprehensive visual summary of this Season's designer swimwear trends.

It’s getting a lot warmer out there all around the globe, and a lot of us are starting to think about upcoming 'Winter Sun’ vacations in stunning locations; and just what we’re going to be wearing around the pool this year.

Trending Swimwear

Every year, new trends are set with new designs or updated versions of vintage swimsuits, so to get you into the best swimwear for the coming season. 

We have thinned down your choices to help you stay current, stylish and sophisticated.

Below are some of the finest selections from which you can pick your holiday fashion statement.

One Piece Swimsuits

The Swimwear catwalk will always play host to a one-piece swimsuit option simply because of its popularity.  

And this year it has circled back into a full fashion trend, to include sleeves, cut-outs, strap styling and of course, incredible prints to match your summer time vibe mojo. 

The most particular and consistent trend in one-piece swimsuits is the deep V-neck which is tremendously flattering, and not so revealing as you would imagine. 


Out-and-out swimsuit wearers this Summer have loved the deep V styling with padding and without; with underwire and without, and the opportunity for beautiful back shapes, styling and finishes with this look is unending. 

Throwback Fashions

The 80’s and 90’s seems to be catching up in full force as we return with flashback high-cut swim bottoms and high waist bottoms, all displayed on the catwalks around the World this year. 

The reinvention of the 80’s and 90’s swimwear with a contemporary twist will no doubt give Baywatch lovers a significant sense of belonging! 

High Waist Bottoms

Swimwear collections have certainly witnessed an increase in high waist bottoms. 

This design is undoubtedly universally flattering on any figure and height. 

There are printed and plain options, and at Juste Moi, Pain de Sucre in particular is an expert at the 'high waist rollover' - you can choose high or low depending on how you feel. There are printed and plain options to choose from.

High Cut Tops

High-cut swimsuits are designed of course for appeal, and this shape invariably flatters almost any figure. These swimsuits tend to be more unique as they 'lead' the trend in any collection. Maryan Mehlhorn is an expert at this style. 

'Exposed' Underwire

Not so much a trend as a permanent style fixture, this season nevertheless sees a return to popularity for this fitted, flattering look particularly prominent in the Roidal collection. 

It's worth mentioning that the underwire is not so much 'exposed' as recognisable beneath the swimsuit fabric (where most are hidden), bringing a neat styling to a luxurious swimsuit. 

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