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How to select the best push up bra

How to select the best push up bra
How to select the best push up bra

16 / 03 / 2023

When selecting a push-up bra, many of us take up the task like Goldilocks traipsing through a lingerie boutique — we want our push-up bras to do their jobs ‘just right’.

Not too over-the-top with cleavage. Not too underwhelming with its volumizing lift. What we want is a natural look with an artificial boost.

We want the best push up bra. And above all, a push-up bra has to look natural. Are you having a laugh? 

Let us help you find the best push up bra in the UK — in just five minutes.

Let's face it. It's difficult to find the right bra as manufacturers have introduced hundreds of styles, shapes, and brands to accommodate the wide range of women's shapes and preferences.


What women want out of a push-up bra is often a list of what they don't want:

  1. Bra bands that ride up

  2. Bras that require constant adjusting

  3. Bras that require the middle or tightest hook first thing in the morning

  4. Bra straps that are too loose or too tight

  5. So let's start with what makes the best push up bra in the UK

  6. Push-up bras that give you pleasant cleavage

  7. Push-up bras that make your breasts seem larger

  8. Push-up bras that fit just right whether you're standing up or leaning over

  9. Push-up bras that provide uplift and have "a natural feel" to the padding

  10. How to fit a push-up bra (It's far more than size)

    Let's be honest. The best push up bra in the UK costs more than your average bra, but that's because we expect more from them. We want our push-up bras to give our breasts the luxury treatment.

    We want them to produce elegant cleavage by pushing our breasts together (but not too much) and we want them to lift our breasts high (but not in a way that looks artificial).

    The fabric should be soft, the padding should feel natural but the overall look should be one of glamour.  


    Padding — Finding the perfect amount 

    With a push-up bra, padding isn't just important for making your breasts seem larger. It's also a question of appearing natural. 

    It's important to know not just what a push-up bra feels like, but how it will look on you.  On the other hand, some women love heavily padded push-up bras, not just for their volume-enhancing qualities but for the confidence it provides a busy woman on-the-go,  or for a specific requirement such as a strapless bra which you may need for example to wear with summer outfits – more padded than push-up, but fantastic for holding everything in place without the need for shoulder straps.  


    Who should wear push-up bras? (And who shouldn't)

    Of course, women with smaller breasts have always looked to push-up bras for enhancement. But the best push up bra UK can also work for a variety of women looking for a more youthful or "va va voom" appearance.

    The push-up bra's effects work particularly well with low-cut tops and strapless dresses.  

    Women with shallow breasts can also benefit from push-up bras. 

    On the flip side, push-up bras are not everyone's cup of tea. Women with pendulous breasts will miss out on cleavage-enhancing effects since the push-up bra won't mound these breasts properly.

    The same applies to women with wide-spread breasts. Women with small cup sizes (AA and A) will realise a visual benefit from a push-up bra, as will women who simply want to enhance their breast size or shape for a special occasion.

    Best Push Up Bra UK — Cleavage vs. Volume

    Most push-up bras are designed to create an effect of both greater cleavage and greater volume, but it’s possible that you are after one more than the other, and this may affect the decision you make about which push-up bra to buy.


    There are push-up bras which are moulded more or less, depending on the cup size it has been made for, and there are some which have are movable padding that can remain permanently with the bra (often for women with a smaller breast), or can be removed depending on the desired effect required at any one time. 

    Even though it's a push-up bra, designed to mount your breasts together, that's no excuse for your breasts spilling out of their cups.

    If your bra pushes your breasts out or leaves lines on your skin, it is simply too tight. 

    Also, ladies, if an underwire is poking you, you aren't suffering for fashionable elegance, you are wearing a bra that is too small for you. 

    What brand of push-up bra is right for me?

    For many women, push-up bras are not for everyday wear, but for times when a woman wants the maximum lift. When you want to look your best or give your dress an especially eye-catching shape, push-up bras give you confidence and allure.

    Some bras allow you to customise each cup separately for better visual balance. If you happen to have breasts that are slightly asymmetrical, try a bra with removable padded linings.

    You can remove the padding from one breast to lend a more symmetrical appearance to your bust.

    Amongst the brands who have the best push up bras in the UK, Juste Moi  carries a range of offerings from Aubade, Lise Charmel, Marie Jo, Prima Donna, Millesia, Empreinte. Popular examples here include Lise Charmel Dressing Floral, Aubade Wandering Love, Marie Jo Avero. 


    At Juste Moi, all our push-up bras have removable padding. 

    However, we also have what is known as contour bras which are moulded and provide a rounder shape. These bras have more‘ padding’ for the smaller cup sizes, and less as the sizes increase. 

    Their shape is beautiful and we have some fantastic styles. They can be found both in the push-up bras category, and in the padded bras category. 

    A bra for every breast type  

    Just as there is a dress for every woman's body type, there is a perfect bra for every type of breast shape and size For instance, "bell shape" breasts, known for being narrower at the top and heavier and fuller towards the bottom require the support of a full-coverage bra. Those who help women fit lingerie are also familiar with the term, "east-west." 

    This is the description for a smaller set of breasts, that gently slopes and where the nipples tend to point in opposite directions. In this case, both t-shirt bras and push-up bras, make excellent choices for flattering a woman's natural shape.

    So don't be afraid to try on different styles. And educate yourself about the particular shape of your breasts.  After all, push-up bras just provide enhancement. To wear them best, they require that a woman knows her body, her style and above all — her fit. 

    Juste Moi