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How to best wash and clean your bras

Product care
Product care

19 / 03 / 2023

When it comes to washing bras, the easiest thing to do is simply throw them in the washing machine. Who could blame anyone for doing this? Who has time for any other way? The thing is, simply washing your bras in the washing machine might not be the best thing for their longevity.

Constantly washing your bras in a washing machine could eventually wear them down and cause them to start to deteriorate. If you want to preserve a like-new feeling for your bras, here are some tips to follow for true bra washing care:

Tip 1: Rub by hand

Though it may not be as convenient as tossing a bra into a washing machine, washing your bras by hand is the most effective way to clean your bras while preserving their shape and fit. To wash your bras by hand, all you need is some mild detergent, warm water and a towel to lay your bras out on to dry. And that’s only if your bras are stained. Pour some detergent on the stain and gently rub with warm water.

Tip 2: Soak in water

If there’s no stain, simply place the bra in a sink or bowl filled with warm water. Let the bra soak in water for a few minutes. After a few minutes are up, take the bra out, rinse it out and place it on a towel laid out for drying. You can repeat this with all your bras. For any bras you had to wash stains off of by hand, you can put them in water as well once the stain has been treated.

Tip 3: Leave out to dry

Putting your bras in a hot dryer after washing them could eventually damage them over time. Keep your bras from being worn down by a hot dryer by instead leaving them out to dry naturally. After soaking your bras in water, take your bra out and lay it down on a dry towel. You can spread the towel out on a bed or counter to be the resting place for your wet bra. Leave your bra out for a while as the excess water evaporates and the bra dries naturally. When it’s done, your bra won’t be burning hot like it sometimes can be when coming out of the dryer. Overall, leaving your bra out to dry is better for the longevity of your bra than using a dryer.

Tip 4: Store carefully

An important bra care step that many people don’t even think about is storage once your bra has dried. Many people will simply stuff their bras in a drawer and not think about them again until they pull one out to wear. A better suggestion would be to use caution when storing bras. Stack them nicely in your drawer without folding them in half. To preserve the shape of each of your bras, you should try stacking the cups inside of each other.

Tip 5: Wash on cold 

If you must use a washing machine to wash your bras, it’s best to wash them on a gentle cold setting. This temperature is less likely to cause harm to your bras than a hotter setting. You can then lay your bras on a towel to dry after the wash is done, which will help you avoid the harmful effects of a hot dryer.

Tip 6: Protect your bras

Another tip to keep in mind if you are using a washing machine is to go out of your way to protect your bra from the machine. Specifically, you should hook your bra together when washing it to avoid any snagging on other items in the machine. For full protection, consider using a mesh bag to place the bras in while washing them. This will protect them from getting caught in the machine or being damaged in any other way.

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