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How (and why) to rock the retro swimsuits trend...

How (and why) to rock the retro swimsuits trend this Summer
How (and why) to rock the retro swimsuits trend this Summer

16 / 03 / 2023

What sets retro swimsuits apart from the other trends?

Retro swimwear embraces feminine curves while leaving more to the imagination than other swim trends. This trend flatters every unique body type to accentuate your best features.

Anything from bralettes and bustier tops to high-waisted bottoms and ruching makes up this wide-ranging trend. It's a fun and glamorous style that will have you standing out from the rest of the crowd during a holiday.

Use our guide on retro swimsuits below to help you figure out how to wear this trend and why you should invest in a great vintage swimsuit right now. After all, we're always adding new arrivals to our swimwear collection.


Retro swimsuits are the perfect option for the modern, seductive, classy woman. They're chic, a little revealing, and add fun to your style. Many bring a hint of modern to their retro roots or vice versa, so use the tips below to make the most of this subtle, sexy trend and capture the essence of vintage swimwear from the past. 


Retro swimsuits tend to be more modest than the fashion-forward ones, which can help with comfort and confidence. They also allow you to accentuate your body type and direct attention to where you want or don't want. 

Chest Size

If you have a small chest, it can be hard to find a swimsuit that flatters your bust. Look for something with ruffles or embellishments to help you out.

If you have a larger chest, understand that cup sizes and underwire will give you the support that you desire. Swimsuit tops with thick straps and double-stitched bands will further add support.

Broad Shoulders

If you have broad shoulders and you're looking for more balance, consider a solid coloured swimsuit with patterns on the sides. Asymmetrical necklines can also create balance across your shoulders. 

Bottom Shape

For flatter bottom shapes, consider bottoms with frills or ruching as well. Look for brightly coloured swimwear and loud prints, but try to stay away from full-coverage bottoms.

For larger bottoms, look for those modest bottoms that will help you feel comfortable and natural

Solid bottoms and printed tops will also bring balance to your shape.

Athletic Body

With an athletic body shape, you might want to give the illusion of more curves. If that is the case, look for retro prints and bright colours, with extra padding or ruching.

Overall Curves

If you're trying to hide love handles, a simple high-waisted bottom that extends almost above your belly button will do the trick. Swimsuits with thin straps will only dig into any back fat that you might want to hide, but anything with thicker straps can smooth everything out.

Skirts can help hide a stomach, as will full pieces with simple ruching, to direct focus elsewhere. Anything with a tummy panel can be key here.

If you have full hips, balance out the rest of your body with swimwear that enhances your neckline, for that perfect illusion.

Short Torso

With a short torso, work to add length to your body and lift the bustline. Low-rise bottoms with bright, busy halter tops will draw attention to your neck and shoulders.


For short legs, look for swimwear with high cuts in the leg. This will show more skin so if it makes you feel more comfortable, look for something more modest up top.

Full thighs are flattered through bottoms with more coverage. Skirt bottoms can be very helpful here. Lean thighs are enhanced by anything low-cut to draw attention in.  

2. Choose your decade

Once you've chosen a style or an area of your body that you want to emphasise,
you can move on to choosing a decade. 
Most retro swimsuits will have a few things in common, like coverage and glamour. Swimwear has certainly evolved over the years however, and different decades will offer different features for you to choose from.


The legs of swimsuit bottoms were very low-cut during this time, almost to the knees with an attached skirt.

If you are interested in this kind of modest trend, look for a swimwear bottom that has a skirt or a belt to add attention to your waistline. Even something as simple as a different coloured band at the top can help create this illusion.


During the 1940s, swimsuits were still low-cut, except without the skirt. Halter tops and strategically placed ruching were added to help accentuate body types without removing coverage.

If you are interested in this decade, consider a two-piece bikini that only reveals a few inches above the belly button or a full on halter tankini for more modesty.


Corset styles were introduced during this time, to enhance body shape and accentuate what is already there.

This trend can be helpful with staying put in the ocean, and corset style one pieces will help you stand out from the crowd. For example, this tankini bikini has corset ruching for a distinct style.


Bikinis were slowly added during the 1960s. These two pieces revealed some skin below the belly button, but with a low-cut leg. Prints and polka dots also became popular during these years.

Modern twists on this trend can look fashionable as well.

Look for any embellishments like beading, crystal accents, or even cutouts to hone on this trend.

3. Create a whole ensemble

Once you've chosen a retro swimsuit, you need to remember the ensemble as a whole. Retro swimsuits wouldn't be complete ensembles without the right accessories. The modern take on retro swimwear can help anyone stand out from the crowd and create effortless vintage looks.  

The right retro look is strengthened with the addition of:
Bold sarongs
• Retro heels
• Wide-brimmed hats
• Starlet sunglasses
• Statement jewellery

Bottom Line

Celebrities everywhere seem to be rocking out in the retro swimsuits style lately,
so jump on the trend. Any body type can benefit from this trend, by adding simplicity and cuteness. 

Anything from showing off a little navel to something with more coverage,
these styles will help you recreate the memorable swimwear of past decades. 

Check out our Juste Moi swimwear to make the most out of the retro swimsuits trend for your next holiday adventure, and truly stand out from the crowd.