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How a bra should fit

How a bra should fit
How a bra should fit

16 / 03 / 2023

7 Amazing Expert tips that will help you to find the right Bra Fit and size

The average woman owns around 16 bras.

But, how many of us simply wear the one or two that feel as if they fit the best? This is because 80% of women always buy the wrong size bra.

Wearing the wrong size can result in back pain, deterioration of your breast shape and size, and even the development of lumps.

But fear not, we're here to tell you how a bra should fit and how to find your showstopper of a bra.

1. Always Use the Last Hook

This may come as a surprise but your aim isn't to find a bra that you can fasten on the tightest hook. 

Your bra will stretch over time as you move and breathe in it! Therefore, you need to be buying a bra that fits when it is clasped on the last hook. 

If you do this, your bras will last for a lot longer and that comfy number you always wear won't have to be replaced next year!

2. Prevent Your Bra from Stretching

There are also ways to stop your bra from stretching out too quickly. They include things like: 

  • Rotating your bras: buy about four of the same bra once you've found a perfectly fitted option 

  • Always hand wash your bras: never throw them in the washing machine

  • Never hang them by their straps: always place your bras on the cups.

Remember, the dryer is not your bra's friend either. It is all too easy to buy a bra and ruin it after the first wash!

3. Get a Professional's Help

Rather than trusting your gut, go for a professional and get a proper fitting. Many boutiques offer customers a free fitting and are experts at providing choice, fit and comfort. Alternatively, head to your local department store to ask for help. 

It may be embarrassing at first, but the professionals have seen hundreds of breasts and will help you quickly decipher your size.

A good bra will do wonders for your confidence so it's worth making the trip!

Try Measuring Yourself

If you have a good friend who will help or you are nifty with a tape measure, you can measure yourself.

  • Hold the tape measure around your torso, directly under your breasts. Make sure this is snug but not too tight and at the same height all around your body, front and back.

  • Next, measure around your breasts. Make sure this is not squeezing your breasts, and is not loose. It must measure over the top of your nipples.

  • Round this number up to the nearest whole number and take away the size of your band. Whatever the answer is will indicate your cup size. 

  • 0 = AA, 1= A, 2 = B, 3 = C, 4 = D, 5 = E, 6 = F, 7 = G etc. There are also ‘half’ sizes from DD with some brands.

Once you've measured yourself, you can then compare this to what the professional finds.

Try on a large variety of bras and keep a note of your perfect fit. Brands’ sizing differs, so it’s always worth being ready to try up and down a size, depending on what the experts suggest.

4. Cups Should Sit Perfectly on Your Chest

Is there a gap between your breast and the cup? This isn't the right bra for you! If you're spilling out and your bra is causing double breast action, this is also a no-no. 

Your cup should sit comfortably on top of your breast. It may take some time to find a bra that fits so wonderfully, but this is essential for your next purchase.

Do some poses in the changing room or in front of your mirror to make sure your bra sits comfortably on your body: arms up; back; forwards; try a twist.

5. Your Band Should Be Comfortable

Your bra's band is where the most of the support for your breasts comes from. You should be able to run your finger underneath the band of your bra, which will nevertheless be a snug fit.

This will give you enough space to breathe and move, but will also offer the necessary support. This band should also be at the same height all the way around your body. 

Your bra band should not be riding up your back all the time or feeling loose and saggy. If you're in doubt, don't make the purchase.

6. Focus on the Center

The piece of material between your cups should be lying flat against your body always. 

If it's not, this may indicate that your cups are too small. Ignore the stigma that says D is the largest bra size. In fact, a 36D is now the average size in the UK!

Most women will find that they need to wear a smaller band size and a larger cup. This will be indicated to you by the centrepiece of fabric so pay attention!

7. Find Brand Loyalty

Different brands make their bras differently—it's a fact. As every single woman's breasts are unique, it's worth spending time looking for your perfect brand. 

Once you've found the company that creates bras as though they were designed on your body, stick with them!

You now know where you can get a bra that fits perfectly every time. The straps won't dig into your shoulders, the centrepiece of fabric sits on your body, and the cups make your breasts look perfect.

Still Wondering How a Bra Should Fit?

When it comes to learning how a bra should fit on your body, the solution is to keep trying out bras until you find one that is just right. 

Don't be discouraged if you buy a bra that doesn't feel amazing. Simply send it back and continue your quest. Or better still, try every bra in the shop until you find right fit for you!

If you're looking for a beautiful bra that makes you feel great, check out the many brands in our online store.