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Find the perfect bra: How to measure bra size

How to measure bra size
How to measure bra size

16 / 03 / 2023

Not sure if you're wearing the right bra size?

The right bra can do wonders for your confidence and your body. The correct bra size hides any flaws, supports you and accentuates your natural beauty. 

The process of finding the right bra and the right bra size is often a begrudging task. The wrong bra makes you uncomfortable. You can have underwire cutting in underneath your bust; under band too high or tight at the back; shoulder straps too narrow.

What the right bra size and fit can do for you!

The right bra comes with many benefits, these include:

  • Helps you look slimmer
  • Fixes poor posture by helping you stand up straighter
  • Your breasts appear perkier
  • Combats drooping or sagging breast caused by ageing


A few common signs of a bra that does not fit, include:

  • Wrinkling cups
  • Underwire poking your breast
  • A band that sits too high up
  • Cup spillage
  • Straps that fall off
  • A bra that lifts as you raise your arms


Band size

  • Aim for around the rib cage.
  • If the measurement after rounding is an even number, add four more inches.
  • If the measurement after rounding is an odd number, add five more inches.
  • If your measurement is odd, it is best to try on both even numbers closest to your band size.
  • If you measured a 33, try on both a 32 and 34 band.
  • it may be that a 32 in one, is a 34 in another.
  • If you want a true perfect bra fit, ask a tailor to take in the band of the larger size.

Cup size

Use a tape measure to measure around the fullest part of your bust. Most often, this is around the nipples. 

Your cup size is an A.

and your band measurement equals 32. 34 minus 32 equals 2.

You are a B cup.

On top of this, various bra shapes and styles could throw off sizing.

Try as many bras in various shapes, styles and fits as possible. You'll find the right bra for you in no time.

Keep in mind a few key factors when deciding which bra to purchase.


This practice ensures your breasts are encased in the cups the correct way.

Tighten the band. Shorten the straps to a secure place on your shoulders.

To make sure your bra does, check that your nipples sit (vertically) between your shoulders and your elbows.

This indicates the cups are small or the band is too big.


Losing weight, gaining weight, or being/having been pregnant can all affect your bra size.

Juste Moi

This article will show you how to measure bra size so that you can find the perfect fit. Let's begin!

Band sizes always come in even numbers. Ready for the next step? The caveat? Variations in sizing occurs among different brands. What's the solution?

Try several bras on to find the right fit.

Consider fit.

Does the bra fit you well? Is the bra right for your shape and level of activity?

Consider shape.

Does the bra accentuate your assets? How do you look in the bra?

Consider the way the bra feels.

Ask yourself if you're comfortable. This is the most important factor when it comes to finding the perfect bra for you.

Try these tips to make sure you make the most of your bra.

use a tape measure to measure your torso underneath your bust.

Want to know how to measure bra size? The two main factors to bra size are band size and cup size.

While not wearing a bra, or wearing a simple non-padded bra or bralette,

Ensure that the measuring tape remains straight and even or level. It should lay flat across your back.

Look at the measurement and round to the nearest whole inch.

For example, if you measured 30 your grand total becomes 34. For an odd number like 27, your grand total is 32. 

This number is then your correct band size.

One size often fits better than the other, and as different brands all size slightly differently

This proves to be an inexpensive fix for most people.

Stand with your arms at your sides.

Round your measurement to the nearest whole inch. You now know your bust measurement.

Subtract your band size from your bust measurement. This number serves as your cup size.

If the difference in your band and bust size is 0, your cup size is an AA. Between 0.5 and 1?

2 inches? You're a B cup.

3 inches means a C cup. 4 inches, a D cup. 5 inches indicates a DD or E, and 6 inches equals a DDD or F.

As these measurements increase by one, the cup size increases by one letter up to a J or 10.

So, to put that into practice let's say your bust measurement equals 34

Head to your favourite lingerie store and seek the help of a sales assistant who is an expert on bras.

You might feel surprised to learn that a 32A in one brand could fit a 32B in another. This is normal.

How can you keep from feeling lost at sea with so many options for style, size, and fit?

Lean forward at the waist. Slip on your bra and secure it.

  1. Do you feel secure even when the bra rests on the outermost hook? If yes, this is a sign your bra fits well.

  2. Adjust your band so that the back is level with the front.

  3. Your straps should not fall down your arms.

  4. Your bra should lift your bust, giving it the support it needs.

  5. If the cups of your bra pucker when you wear a tight-fitting top, your sizing is wrong.

  6. Big rolls of flesh on either side of your band mean your fit is too tight. 

  7. Your breast should not spill out of your bra.

  8. The wire and band should lay flat against you. 

There you have it! You now know how to measure bra size the correct way.

Your bra should prove comfortable to wear, and not get in the way of your lifestyle.

It should fit snugly, but never too tight. Make sure it lays against your front and back.

You might need to be refitted every few months or years as your body changes.

It's time to change your life with the perfect bra fit!