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Empreinte – French luxury lingerie and swimwear


16 / 03 / 2023


To give women the freedom to enjoy their bodies, thanks to corsetry that offers unique support and French elegance. We at Juste Moi have not known a brand like it for the positive experience it brings our customers time and time again. Confident, beautiful, sexy, smoothed curves are all words and phrases we hear frequently from our customers - and our staff! Empreinte was founded in 1946 in the aptly-named city of Brest in France, and is just fabulous for mid to large cup sizes.

Empreinte’s Raison D’etre

At its foundation, this brand’s simple objective is that of becoming the reference brand in lingerie for women with generous breasts. A specialist in high quality, beautifully fitting bras and swimwear for cup sizes up to H, the unique savoir-faire of this organisation brings a collection of styles and shapes which are almost made-to-measure. Having listened attentively to the expectations of women the world over, the Empreinte team continues to work hard to constantly develop their top-selling ranges, as well as introducing new collections in a variety of styles and colours to suit every shape and every mood, where the must-haves of well-being, comfort and  seduction are an extremely reliable fact of life.

Empreinte is more than just a bra

An everyday garment that knows a woman’s intimate secrets, a bra must first and foremost be comfortable. Along with comfort, it should also provide women’s curves with the excellent support they deserve. A bra that holds the bust in place securely contributes to the overall balance of the body’s silhouette.

“We design our products to ‘sculpt’ women’s bodies with respect and generosity: curves are smoothed to bring visible results that make Empreinte’s silhouette so specific, like a VISUAL SIGNATURE’.

Empreinte for larger cups

Over half of all women belong to a market that used to be known as ‘niche’. Now, 25% of women worldwide are in this category of D cup and above. Some women experience a ‘visible’ bust as an enjoyable, seductive asset, whilst for others it can feel limiting. Whatever the case, all women agree that wearing a bra that fits their body shape is a fundamental need. Perfect hold, total comfort and enhanced elegance are expectations which are more than met when cups are the right size and the right fit. This is where Empreinte excels.

Empreinte innovative craftsmanship inspired by made to measure

Exacting standards and a selection of precious and exclusive materials – these are the guiding principles for each of Empreinte’s designs, where total dedication to our customers’ wellbeing is paramount. Innovation is a core value at Empreinte, not just in their designs, but in everything they do. Empreinte has acquired in-depth technical expertise in seam-free lingerie, so at last women who choose these styles can enjoy functional bras that are also pretty and flattering.

Empreinte and Juste Moi

Empreinte and Juste Moi have worked together for several years now, and provide a substantial offering of styles and sizes for customers both in our boutique and online. Juste Moi stocks many collections from Empreinte, such as the continuity collections of Cassiopee, Melody, Thalia, Lilly Rose, Irina and Erin, all of which have seasonal colour introductions to bring a fresh look to their style, along with occasional new style introductions such as the spacer  bra in Cassiopee. They may not look it, but both Melody and Cassiopee are fabulous T-shirt bras. Try them – it’s no joke.

All of these bras offer a super shape, full support and lift, and all have matching shorts, briefs and thongs which come in both the continuity and the fashion colours every season.

Of our new Winter fashion collections in current colour trends and styles, our favourites are:

  • Irina Rouge Baiser, 

  • Anna Bois de Rose, 

  • Anna Fleur de Lagune, 

  • Erin Rose Ballerine, 

  • Cassiopee Macchiato, 

  • Melody Galaxie, Lilly 

  • Rose Etincelle. 

All stunning – which one to choose?

There is a life before Empreinte, and a life with Empreinte; and In the words of Empreinte women:

  • ‘I used to have a lot of trouble finding a bra to suit me. Empreinte has changed the way I feel about my bust and my body. I feel confident and beautiful now, and it shows!’
  •  ‘When I tried on my first Empreinte bra, it fit me like a glove- it held me in all the right places and gave me smoother curves. It was fantastic.’
  • ‘Empreinte feels like a second skin. I forget I’ve got it on, and yet I feel sexy.’
  • ‘It was hard to find a swimsuit to fit my shape. I’m a 44F and I’m so happy to have found a bustier that fits me’.
  • ‘When you become an Empreinte Woman, it’s for life.’

Empreinte has been a patron of the Musee D’Orsay in Paris since 2013, sponsoring events that promote women. The connection between art and the brand’s innovative artisanal spirit has become more apparent through the years.