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A body specific guide to buying the best linger...

A body specific guide to buying the best lingerie for body type
A body specific guide to buying the best lingerie for body type

16 / 03 / 2023

We've all been there: the lingerie you ordered online is in the right size, but it just doesn't flatter your figure. And even if you're shopping in-store, sometimes it's hard to know what to buy to accentuate what you want to show and hide what you want to cover.

That's why we've created this quick and painless guide to finding the best lingerie for body type.

If you're plus-size...

Today's average woman is a size 16 - so why do so many lingerie companies make it such a nightmare to find your size? 

Of course as we age, our metabolism can also play tricks on us, so you may find that you're shifting towards larger sizes as you get older. Nothing wrong with that, especially since curves are seriously in. 

To find the best lingerie for body types that have curves to love, look for brands that offer serious support, and make sure you're picking a bra option with underwire to help lift up your assets. (Plus, keeping your breasts lifted will make you appear slimmer.)

This is also the rule you should apply if you're a bit older, to beat breasts that are a little less perky than they were two decades ago. The right lift though, will make it impossible to guess your real age! Still, don't be afraid of a half-cup. With the right support, you don't need all the coverage of a full cup. 

You may also want to consider a nightdress or slip which is cup-sized, providing additional support. It's figure-flattering and in the right shape, hides the stomach pouch we would all prefer to cover. 

For underwear, we recommend high-waisted briefs - and don't shy away from bold colours and patterns. Why not throw on a suspender belt and some stockings, and take advantage of everything your figure has to offer? 


Of course, if you feel as if you would like to suck and pinch a few areas in, look into shapewear options (we promise, you'll still be able to breathe.) 

We especially love Aubade's waist cincher, which tucks you in while making you look and feel incredible. It's perfect for an elegant night. These days, anything goes with waist cinchers - even over clothing! 

For inspiration, check out Instagram accounts like Tara Lynn and Ashley Graham. We love brands like Lane Bryant (an American brand that ships to the UK. Seriously, their stuff is super-cute.) We're also obsessed with Addition Elle, a Canadian company. Most of all, we like Elvi, right out of the UK. 

If you're a little flat on top...

First of all, let's stop the guilt: flat chests are in! You can pull off almost any outfit, especially some more high-concept fashion looks, and you don't have to worry about knocking yourself out every time you get on the treadmill. 

Still, we know what they say: the grass is always greener on the other side. 

Of course, you can go with the classic push-up bra when it comes to the best lingerie for body type, but why not also consider a strapless bra in a colourful hue? We love Aubade’s push-up bras because they have the softest, most comfortable removable pads made with micro beads which form around your shape. 

Check out for example Aubade’s Bahia Collection! This will push up the cups and lift them towards each other, and is available in several colours. 

Also think about a corset, to make sure your proportions are where you want them to be. And to keep the focus on what we're sure are your amazing legs, go crazy with tights, stockings, and suspender belts - he won't know what’s hit him. 

If you're feeling like you want to add a little extra oomph, look into gel inserts as well. These are inserts you can place in your bra to give you a fuller cup without surgery. There are also cotton padding inserts for those that don't like the feel of gel. They're totally comfortable and many have a sticky pad on the back to make sure your cover isn't blown throughout the evening. 

If you're pear-shaped...

We get it: sometimes, it feels impossible to find a set that looks good on both your top and your bottom. Take a deep breath: we've got the solution when it comes to the best lingerie for body types that are pear-shaped.

If you'd rather take the attention away from your bottom, a plunging neckline can help draw attention to your top half.

Also try a contoured plunge bra. They have a moulded cup which reduces in thickness as the cup sizes increase, and work wonders in making the most of cleavage, and delivering a beautiful rounded shape. A perfect option for mid sized cups up to E! 

You might also consider going with a bra in a bold pattern or print to further draw eyes upwards. 

On the bottom, a full panty is best. We can't stop talking about Bouquet Beaute's High Brief, especially if you love colour and print. There are lots more where this came from. 

If you want to skip the "bra and brief" version of lingerie, we love a flowing chiffon baby-doll slip or even a sexy full-length slip. Look into asymmetrical hemlines in your outerwear for an added surprise. 

You won't need super-supportive straps if you're pear-shaped, so look into strapless options. 

If you're super toned...

You haven't spent all that time in the gym for nothing! Plus, you know what they say: strong is the new skinny. 

Your hard work has paid off even when it comes to lingerie shopping: you can pretty much wear whatever you want when it comes to the best lingerie for body type.

We're obsessed with the idea of showing off toned thighs and arms in a sheer lace bodysuit. Even a swimsuit is great! Don't forget to add kitten heels and a long strand of pearls for some extra drama. 

Why not also throw on a pair of Aubade's black lacy gloves to really entice him? 

If your nipples are a little more prominent, you can go for a solid bodysuit look as opposed to lace if you prefer. (Bonus? You can also wear it with jeans and a leather jacket when you go out!)

We know that sometimes, a woman that's more muscular can feel that she isn't playing into her feminine side enough. Lingerie is the answer – it’s the perfect opportunity to go for an ultra-feminine look. 

Break with your usual tough exterior and switch it up by looking into pieces with ruffles, pastel colours, delicate clasps, and even add a colourful chemise or kimono on top for the added drama of the big reveal. 

If you're recovering from surgery/post-surgery

First of all, you're a warrior. And we know that when you're trying to get your sexy on after surgery, shopping for lingerie can feel like the absolute last thing you want to do. 

That's why we're here to help

We've started working with Anita, a lingerie company devoted to helping you regain your confidence after a surgical procedure. Their lingerie will hold you in place, help you adjust to your new breasts/body, and won't make you feel as if you're strapped in, unable to move.

They offer control, femininity, and are the first step in celebrating and claiming your new body. 

If you're petite

We know it can get frustrating to find the perfect bra, only to be completely swimming in its matching underwear. Relax: there's no reason for you to go shopping in the Junior's section again just yet. 

The best lingerie for body type with a petite frame? Since you may be a different size on top and bottom, you may have to steer clear of sets, unless you want to pay double the price to get a matching top and bottom.

However, many luxury brands tend not to sell in sets, so you can buy the perfect top and the perfect bottom - just for you. 

If you’d like to try something ultra-sexy, we suggest a half-cup bra. Play it up! Go for a dramatic option by Lise Charmel, or you can be feminine with gorgeous lacework for an unexpected take. Also, check out crocheted lingerie, the latest trend. (Trust us when we tell you, it is definitely not for the faint of heart!) 

On the bottom, use your shape to your advantage and go for lacy thongs, or even full panties with sheer paneling on the back for a very cheeky surprise! You may also want to go for a shorty look, which can give you a serious lift in your cheeky assets.

Plus, it will certainly play into your man's fantasies. If you're not afraid of trying a little role play, why not take your night into a completely different direction with Aubade’s Boite a Desir. Your confidence in the bedroom is proportional to how much fun you'll have. 

Finding the type of lingerie that makes you feel your best will help to ensure you have your wildest night ever!

You're all set to find the best lingerie for body type - now get shopping!

We hope this guide to deciphering what is the best lingerie for your body type has saved you time, stress, and lots of returns. 

For more information about what types of bras go with your personality, size, and even the kind of night you're looking to have, check out our blog posts and peruse our online shop!